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Emmet & Lucille Baer

Emmet & Lucille Baer

Our Founders

Yes we WERE “born in a barn.” In 1955 Emmet Baer, already an established auctioneer in the region, purchased an eight-acre site on Old St. Rt. 154. He built one barn and started the Rogers Community Auction selling produce, eggs, chickens, rabbits, and other miscellaneous items every Friday. The Baers opened a small restaurant on the grounds and expanded the market to approximately 200 vendors during the 1960s and 1970s. Emmet’s death in 1971 left Lucille and their son Jim to run the business.


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Jim Baer

Jim Baer

Second Generation

Emmet Baer’s death in 1971 left Lucille and their son Jim to run the business. Jim had a larger vision for the market and began a building program in 1980. He oversaw the expansion of the market over the next two and a half decades, adding two pavilions and five buildings to provide indoor market space in addition to the ever popular open air market. A new poultry barn was built and Jim purchased more of the surrounding ground to hold the expanding auction and market.

Jim Baer’s death in 1999 left the third, and now fourth, generation of Baer family members poised to maintain and grow the thriving market from regional attraction to worldwide wonder.


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Rogers Today

Rogers Today

Second, Third, and Fourth Generation

Today Rogers Community Auction is the largest open air market in the Tri-state area consisting of 250 total acres, with 70 acres of free parking and over 1600 vendor spaces offering five miles of market and auction sales indoors and out. During peak season our Award Winning Market can host up to 50,000 visitors on any given Friday. The on-site restaurant is bigger and better than ever and our Friday Auctions and Monthly Consignment Auctions held on the second Tuesday of each month are highly anticipated and attended by buyers and sellers alike.

Rogers Community Auction and Open Air Market has thrived with the perfect blend of amazing tastes and treasures, rural charm, world class value, and multiple generations dedicated to growing the market while standing true to the solid principle of “Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together” since 1955.

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