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Map of Grounds

Every Friday Auctions All Year Round

In addition to our Award Winning Friday Market, we offer exciting auction opportunities on site and online every week.

Friday On Site Auctions Starting Times

5 p.m.  Baked Goods, Fresh Eggs, Plants, and Produce

*Seasonal Location Photos Here

6 p.m. Antiques & Collectibles, New & Used Household, Tools, Toys, Farm, and Miscellaneous

Located outside the West End Auction Barn | Outdoor Venue | Photos Here

6 p.m.  Small Livestock overseen by the Ohio Department of Agriculture 

Located inside the West End Auction Barn | Indoor Venue

Note: We do not allow the direct sale, transfer, or solicitation for free of any animal by a vendor upon our property. We do, however, uphold the strong agricultural tradition of fairs and farms in auctioning small livestock. Our dealer’s license is issued by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. See agri.ohio.gov. Please note that state mandated testing fees may apply to some livestock consigned in addition to the regular commission rates.


Buying & Selling at Auction

For Information on Buying at Auction please feel free to click here

For Information on how to Sell at Auction, please feel free to click here

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Rogers Community Auction | Open Air Market