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Map of Grounds

Every Wednesday Hay & Grain


Hay and Grain in Wholesale and Retail Quantities. Open to the Public.


To Consign Grain and Hay:

Stop in the Main Office (See Map) to obtain tags. Equipment to unload large bales and loads is available during the following times:

Check In Times

8:00AM – 4:00PM – Monday and Tuesday

8:00AM – 1:00PM – Wednesday

Hay & Grain Commission Rate 10%

Payment Terms To Purchase Grain and Hay:

Cash Check Made Payable to Rogers Community Auction Credit or Debit. There is a 3% Buyer’s Premium added to Credit and Debit payments only.


Checks from this Auction will be available the Friday immediately following the sale from 9AM – 6PM in the Main Office. Checks not picked up will be mailed Saturday morning.

Hay report 07-12-17

Buying & Selling at Auction

For Information on Buying at Auction please feel free to click here For Information on how to Sell at Auction, please feel free to click here

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