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Baer Cub Bidding – Where Kids Can Bid!

Bring your Cubs aged 4-16 in to our East End Auction Barn for this short but sweet auction opportunity. Young bidders bid on games, prizes, and toys. It’s an opportunity to have some free family fun while learning more about budgeting, supply and demand, and how auctions work!

Registration is Free.

Vendors interested in donating to this auction please see Kym or Monica in the Main Office or email our entertainment team. 

2017 Baer Cub Bidding Dates

Located in the East End Auction Barn at 3:00 p.m. 

July 21

July 28

August 11

August 18

History of Baer Cub Bidding

The idea came from the great-granddaughter of founder Emmet Baer. Monica was visiting a regional amusement park and musing on the idea to teach young auction goers and their parents all about the auction process in a way that was fun and not intimidating. From this, Baer Cub Bidding was born.   Click to read more Media Coverage of Baer Cub Bidding. Source: Flea Market Zone, June 2016.

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