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Map of Grounds

Building and Pavilion Spaces for Sale

We have spaces available on a weekly basis to all vendors all year round. Be sure to check out How to Be a Vendor for details.

Long-Term Options for Buildings and Pavilions

For Vendors interested in long term leasing of spaces in buildings and/or pavilions, the following spaces are currently being offered. Please contact the Market Office at (330) 227-3233 for details on long term leasing opportunities. Other charges may apply.

At renewal time the leaseholder in good standing will have the option to renew for an additional five years.

Purchase terms Cash, Check, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa.

The following are currently offered separately. See map on this site for space locations.


E21, $5,000 | Renews October 2018


G45, $3700 | Renews October 2018

G46, $3700 | Renews October 2018

I39,  $3700 | Renews May 2019

F6,  $4,000 | Renews May 2021

F7, $4,000 | Renews May 2021

F8, $4,000 | Renews May 2021

F9, $4,000 | Renews May 2021



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