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Map of Grounds

Saturday Markets

  Our award winning Flea Market will continue to be open EVERY FRIDAY YEAR ROUND. With over 1600 vendor spaces indoors and out it’s always a “big deal” on Fridays at Rogers. By popular demand we have also added select Saturday Dates for 2019. Interested in Shopping? Free Admission & Parking for Shoppers! Concessions on site. Interested in Selling at this Market? We will begin taking general reservations on March 4, 2019. Please telephone (330) 227-3233. Please see individual dates for details on specific market themes. Special note: Multi Level Marketing / Home Party products are not accepted at the May 4, September 7 or October 5 dates. They will be accepted for Open to All Vendor Dates of June 1 and July 6, 2019.  Saturday May 4, 2019 – Antiques, Crafted & Vintage Saturday June 1, 2019 – Open to All Vendors Saturday July 6, 2019 – Open to All Vendors Saturday September 7, 2019 – Farm to Table Market, Crafts & Vintage Saturday October 5, 2019 – Antiques, Crafted & Vintage *Please note the weekly FRIDAY FLEA MARKET will be held year round every Friday including Fridays prior to Saturday...

Gift Shop

Stop in the Main Office for Rogers Community Auction and Open Air Market collectibles! We can ship at additional cost. Throwback Ball Cap $7 Rogers Logo Cup $2 Rogers Cinch Bag...

Thrift Savvy Storage for the New Year

It’s January … something? 1st? 2nd? Eleventeenth? Something like that. I think we all lose track of time a bit over the holidays. One thing we do know for certain is that just as Valentine’s displays bloom in stores as early as Christmas Day, so too does the desire to “Clean up!” and “Organize!” as we kick off a new year. It can be costly, and let’s be honest, kind of homely, to stock up on plastic bins and storage totes in your local big box mart. I call storage totes “clutter coffins.” So often in using them we have not so much “cleaned up” as “put off a decision about something we should probably get rid of.” You do you. There are so many places and spaces in our home that storage IS needed. Everyday, or seasonal, items that need a place to be. That is where the magic of FLEA-TASTIC good taste and Thrift Hunting takes form. You can repurpose vintage items for wonderful, affordable storage all around the home, barn, garage and office. The fun part? The hunt! Start around the house and if you don’t find anything in the house, barn, garage or storage shed (surely everyone has those right?) then head on down to visit our amazing flea market vendors who are here ALL YEAR ROUND. Every Friday we have SEVEN heated buildings with a changing variety of vendors in addition to a restaurant, hot fresh Amish made doughnuts and our heartiest outdoor vendors too! 29 Vintage Storage Ideas that will Add Charm to Organization...

Building Guide

In addition to over 1300 spaces outdoors, the Tri-State Area’s Largest market offers vendor space indoors as well! Check out both our long time vendors and new vendors setting up indoors weekly! The Entire Market is Open Fridays Year Round! Products and Vendors are subject to change...

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