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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Auctions and Market


Rogers Flea Market is not, in fact, a flea market belonging to Roger. Neither is there a Mr. Rogers. Well there IS a Mr. Rogers, but he is not affiliated with this market. Rogers Flea Market was founded by Emmet Baer in 1955, is run by the Baer Family today, and is named after the charmingly quaint village of Rogers, Ohio located nearby.


You can find information about our Flea Market and Auction Day Hours HERE

We are also here on the Second Tuesday of every month for an Awesome Monthly Auction and every Wednesday for a hay and grain auction at 1 p.m.


For more information about seasonal hours visit HERE.

We don’t have a “season.” We are here ALL YEAR ROUND with over 300 spaces indoors or under roof in all weather, and 1600 vendor spaces during the warmer/drier months. Even on a “slow day” we are bigger than most other markets.


How much is it to get a space?

All this information on pricing for sale of products can be found here.

Many recall the heyday of enjoying an evening flea market under the lights. What they often fail to realize is that in those days vendors set up at noon or later. The newspaper article featured below from 1990 confirms this. The nationwide trend to visit flea markets early in the morning “to get the best deals” invariably pushed opening times up to our current 7:30 a.m. start time which, of course, means that vendors are finished much earlier than they were in the past.

We are here until the last vendor leaves and the last auction ends! We encourage all of our vendors to stay late to serve the “after work” crowd.

The Market was founded in 1955 around the auction – which occurred on site on Fridays. Vendors began setting up tables around Emmet and Lucille Baer’s thriving Friday auction to capture the crowd that attended.  Baer Auctioneers spent Saturdays working auctions at properties off site.

Today Rogers Award Winning Flea Market and Auctions attract up to 50,000 visitors on a *single* Friday during peak summer season. We are happy to host sales and special events on certain Saturdays but plan to maintain the proud tradition of a massive FRIDAY FLEA MARKET which began with Emmet and Lucille Baer in 1955.

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