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Map of Grounds

We are open ALL YEAR ROUND

We don’t have a “season.” We are here ALL YEAR ROUND. With multiple buildings in addition to acres of outdoor market and pavilions, even on a “slow day” we are a pretty big deal.

Friday Flea Market vendors set up for business at 7:30 am and you can generally plan on seeing them here for approximately six – eight hours from that point, crowds and weather permitting. Any time you come be sure to let vendors know you want them to stay late!

Friday Auctions begin at 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. respectively.

Second Tuesday Monthly Consignment Auction and small selection of flea market vendors SECOND TUESDAY YEAR ROUND see page for details

Weekly Wednesday Hay and Grain Auction ate held year round see page for details

Select Saturday Markets Dates Vary. Click link for details.

Many of our visitors recall enjoying an evening flea market under the lights “back in the day.” As the timeline below shows, the nationwide trend of “early birds” seeking the best deals eventually pushed opening times up. Our staff is here into the evening for our Friday night auctions and we encourage all vendors to stay late!

Timeline of our Start Times

1955-1970’s – Vendors start at 3 p.m. Stay late into the evening.

1980’s-1990’s – Vendors start at Noon and stay into the early evening

2000’s-Present – Vendors start at 7:30 a.m. and stay into the late afternoon

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