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No Pets

We have had a “No Pets” policy for visitors to the Marketplace for decades.  This includes small dogs (yes we see the one you have in your purse), pets in strollers (yes, really) and even that iguana on your shoulder you thought we didn’t notice. (We noticed). We ask that you respect our rules and please leave pets safely at home. 

In August 2015 we moved to ban the sale, trade, offer for free or otherwise of  animals by vendors or visitors within the flea market, parking lots, or property. If you see activity of this type know it is not permitted and please alert staff accordingly.

Please note that vendors who travel with their pets are permitted to have properly cared for pets with them. Vendor pets should be kept safe, comfortable, and away from the public at all times. Vendors are fully responsible to clean up after and control their pets. We reserve the right to remove any vendor/animal.

If you are hoping to adopt a pet we suggest you contact your local Animal Rescue or Humane Society to find the perfect pet for you.


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