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Why Online?

Items will be available for bid or view online 24/7 and also available for on site preview to our flea market visitors on Fridays. Both pickup and shipping options are available. Online Auctions will typically run for a week.

A much larger pool of potential buyers have the ease of bidding online at their convenience and the chance to take part in auctions they could not otherwise attend.


Check out the amazing selection of new and used goods weekly. Items are available for preview Fridays in the East End Auction Barn during the regular weekly flea market.

  1. View and leave your bid with a proven, easy bidding system. Enjoy setting your own best price for the item(s) you want.
  2. Once won, item(s) are available for pickup as directed following the auction end date. Shipping is also available. Please contact Monica at (330) 227-3233  if you need to make alternate pickup or shipping arrangements.

If you enjoy online auctions be sure to visit BaerAuctions.com for more online and on site auction opportunities! 


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