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How to Buy at our Auctions


Auctions are truly a win-win proposition. You know what the absolute, immediate market price is for that item at the moment you were looking to buy.

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If you are not already a registered bidder with Rogers Community Auction please stop in our Main Office or East or West End Auction Barns (hours vary) with a photo ID to register for your Buyer/Seller Number (Yellow Card). Registration is free. This is your PERMANENT NUMBER. Many of our bidders have had their number for decades. You can use it for most of our auctions. If you forget your card stop in the office with identification to obtain a free replacement card.


Products to be sold are available for potential buyer inspection. In addition to perusing items in person, photos of some items are often posted as consignments arrive, so check back often as new photos are posted on the corresponding albums within this site.


If you are bidding pay close attention to the Auctioneer. As the price increases you simply keep bidding until you are no longer comfortable with the price offered or until the competing bids drop off and you have the winning bid. If you have the winning bid – Congratulations!


Payment Terms are Cash, Check, Debit or Credit (Mastercard, Visa or Discover). Sales tax is charged when applicable. 3%  is added to debit/credit payments. Checks should be made payable to Rogers Community Auction. 

*Please note that all information contained herein is believed to be true and accurate. We defer to the decisions of Owners/Operators/Management over posted information.

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