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Map of Grounds

Tips For Your Visit

75644_1000x1000We’re Kind of a Big Deal – Literally. With over 70 acres of free parking, 1600 Vendor Spaces and nearly five miles of walking space indoors and out, we know that Rogers isn’t just a shopping trip – it’s an experience. Due to the scope and size of The Largest Market in the Tri-State Area, comfortable walking shoes are a must.  Layered clothing that can be added or removed as temperatures change throughout the day is recommended as is sunscreen.



imagesYou bought it? Now cart it. You will definitely want to bring a tote bag (or two!) Hint: Insulated bags are wonderful for keeping your items cool on warmer days. If you really want to shop until you drop, collapsible carts are recommended. We do not rent them. Some vendors may offer them for sale but this is not guaranteed.



Now Scoot!  We also offer Scooter Rentals for your comfort and convenience at a rate of $10 per hour or $50 for the entire day. You may bring your own mobility scooter as well. Strollers and Children’s Wagons are always welcome.  Please note that ATVs, Golf Carts, multiple rider units and similar are not permitted.


Cash pictureI’ll Take It! While a few vendors are moving into accepting debit and credit, the majority of vendors still prefer cash. ATMs are available in the Main Office, Chuck’s Best Gyros Restaurant and H Building for your convenience. Payment terms for items purchased at our auctions are Cash, Check, Credit or Debit.


download Gotta Go? Indoor restrooms and sinks are available outside Chuck’s Best Gyro’s Restaurant and at the West End of E Building. Due to our size we do offer portable restrooms throughout the market as well. Many of our visitors (and their moms) suggest tucking a purse sized hand sanitizer or package of moistened toilette wipes in your bag. This is a big help when enjoying the many great tastes the market has to offer too!


81HKGuCWS3L._SL1500_Keep Your Cool. If you plan to purchase our farm fresh produce or visit our many five-star cheese vendors, H-Butch Meat, or other food vendors you may wish to pack an insulated tote bag or cooler to transport your food products home.



No Pets ModifiedIn order to assist us in preventing the direct sale or trade of animals, For the comfort and safety of our visitors and your pets – and the good of all animals – please leave your dogs, cats, ferrets, snakes, lizards, iguanas and all other finned, feathered, or furry family members at home. Remember: Your pets don’t really want anything to do with an activity that has “Flea” right in the title! Service Animals are always welcome of course.


Masthead 2016

Be sure to download or pick up your FREE copy of the market’s own newspaper (complete with directory and map!) or check out our market map on this page.



Staff Shirt Back PSEWe’re Here to Help. Our Staff  is friendly and willing to help. If you need assistance please stop into our Main Office, Market Office, Auction Barns or stop one of our many staff members who you will see hard at work indoors and out.


business-cardFind a Favorite? Due to the self-employed nature of our vendors and the scope and size of our market, we advise you to make sure you request business  contact information, vendor space number and date(s) they set up in order to locate them later the same day, or on a return visit. Our market is VERY LARGE.


Pavilion DisplayThe James Burkey Family Picnic Pavilion is owned by the Market. You are welcome to bring your own cooler or picnic basket, or purchase a snack or meal from any of our vendors to enjoy in the comfort of the pavilion. *Please note the Main Office Lobby is climate controlled. If you find yourself in need of some rest in a controlled climate please feel free to stop in the Main Office lobby.



If you need to buy a few things to make your visit more comfortable, including a pack of band aids, tissues, hand sanitizer, pain relief, diaper wipes, or an officially licensed hat or tote bag stop by the Scooter Station located in the Old Auction Barn.


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