BREEDS OF ANIMALS CONSIGNED: Small livestock not required USDA Licensing are accepted.

Including but not limited to male & female Emus (one year old); Hedgehogs; Red Gold Pheasants; Lady Amherst Pheasants; Peach Gold Pheasants; Peach Gold Splash Pheasants; Ringneck Pheasants; Fancy and Show Bantams; Fancy and Show Pigeons ; Yellow Gold Pheasants; Breeder Peahens; Peacocks; Homer & Roller Pigeons; Parakeets; Egyptian Geese; Call Ducks; Laying Pullets; and Much More.

  • Cash, check, credit and debit accepted for purchases.
  • Consignor check-in: 4:00 to 7:00 PM Thursday afternoon and 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 PM on Friday. *Please note that state mandated testing fees may apply.
  • Consignors are urged to send in a list of what they are bringing to allow for advertisement and are also encouraged to bring their animals in on Thursday if possible or early on Friday.
  • See for online bidding, preview and pick up times.
  • For any questions please call Wade @ 330-424-2705 or email [email protected]

We do not allow the direct sale, transfer, or solicitation for free of any animal by a vendor or visitor upon our property. We do, however, uphold the strong agricultural tradition of fairs and farms in auctioning small livestock.

Our dealer’s license is issued by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (See Consigned livestock are on-site only on auction day and are to be removed immediately after the auction ends. All animals that are present for the day are overseen by a vet and are provided water (as appropriate) by the staff. They also periodically pass out snacks of different sorts for the animals to pass the time and you may find staff bottle feeding calves.

Consignor proceeds will be mailed.