Rogers, Ohio, Saturday May 2, 2020 and Saturday October 3, 2020 8 am – 4 pm

Free Admission. Free Parking for Shoppers.

This full flea market is open to all Vendors. Spaces start at just $26.

Located at 45625 SR 154, Rogers Ohio 44455. Visit for details. Telephone (330) 227-3233 to reserve vendor space.

Restrooms are available.

Rogers, Ohio Special Saturday Flea Market Series.

Free Admission and Free parking for shoppers.

Vendor spaces start at just $26.

Antiques, Flea Market, Vintage Goods, New Items, Farm Market, Plants, Concessions, Food Trucks and More!

Located at 45625 SR 154, Rogers, Ohio 44455. Visit for details and directions. Telephone (330) 227-3233 for Vendor Reservations.