The Monthly Auction will be on site with bidding in person at 45625 SR 154, Rogers Ohio 44455 on the SECOND TUESDAY, of EACH MONTH YEAR ROUND. In addition to multiple auctioneers running simultaneous auctions, the restaurant is generally open and “fair food” concessions are available. A very small selection of flea market vendors may be present on some dates as well.

Upcoming Dates 2020:

Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Consignments Accepted:
MONDAY prior to the auction date 8 am – 8 pm (April through October)
MONDAY prior to the auction date 8 am – 6 pm (November through March).
TUESDAY Auction Day 8 am to auction time.

SECOND TUESDAY MONTHLY AUCTION SCHEDULE. Multiple auctioneers. Simultaneous auctions.

• 1 pm Miscellaneous, Antiques, Tools, Toys, Household
• 4 pm Residential Lawn & Garden Equipment
• 5 pm Building Supplies & Landscaping
• 6 pm Farm Machinery, Heavy Equipment and Commercial Lawn and Garden Equipment will begin with *both* online and on-site bidding

All items submitted for consignment are subject to management approval.

*Select* Machinery, Equipment, and Commercial Lawn & Garden Equipment may be listed at and accepted one week prior to allow for online exposure. Please telephone (330) 227-3233 for approval before bringing these items. All other items will be accepted during the consignment dates and times mentioned above.


• No Paint, No Oil
• No Televisions or Computer Monitors
• No Clothing
• No Overstuffed Furniture
• No Stuffed Animals
• No Broken Household Items and Toys
• No Titled Automobiles or motocross over 49cc

All loads will be subject to final management approval before acceptance of consignment.
We reserve the right to refuse any item(s).


Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Check, Credit Card
10% Buyer premium on all lots with a $500 PER LOT premium cap

Sales Tax is charged where applicable unless tax exemption is on file
All items are sold as is, where is
All items must be paid for before removal
All vehicles will be inspected upon exit

Buyer checkout is DAY OF AUCTION OR THE WEDNESDAY IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING 8 am – 8 pm. All items must be removed before 8 PM the Wednesday following the auction or they will become property of Rogers Community Auction, Inc. To make alternate arrangements for large machinery and equipment (only) please telephone the office at (330) 227-3233 before Wednesday at 6 p.m.


Credit: Tom Deals, Rogers Flea Market Vendor and All Around Nice Guy.

Anyone want to hear a story of simple kindness to bring much Christmas cheer?

Have you ever seen disgarded photos And wondered why they were lost?

Last Tuesday I (Tom Deals) attended the monthly auction at the Rogers Auction and flea market
I purchased a small pile of items and loaded them in my van

Later on while unloading I found a box of over 100 photos.. and while I would normally throw them away.. the context of the photos pulled at my heart
It features mainly the same girl.. from her newborn photos.. toddler photos all the way up until graduation.. and her maiden name was written on some of them..
It seemed that she had a great childhood and I hoped that she was healthy and happy still

I couldn’t .. I tried.. but my inner self wouldn’t allow me to just toss them.. I had to try to find this person and return her photos

Well I did a Facebook search of her name and resulted in several people with her name and a profile that had only had 1st name and different last name.. I messaged all of them with a slightly creepy message :
“Hi.. are you from the ____ Ohio area?

I bought items at an auction and contained a box of photos with your name on them… I’d hate to throw them away if they have personal value”

Well I got no replies.. until this morning!

I got a message saying that ____ was her hometown.. and I sent a photo of a child picture asking if it was her.. and asked what get maiden name was as it was the profile with a different name that I decided to messaged..

It was her!

She was very happy.. but I think I was even happier.. I could have just tossed the box full of photos and gone about my life.. but my heart told me to try to find her.. often my heart gets me into trouble.. but not this time. This time I was able to brig Christmas joy to a stranger at no cost but my time

I will be meeting with her brother Friday to pass on the photos

I gave her a challenge.. to pay it forward by doing something special for a stranger.. which she accepted

With her permission in sharing this story.. and photos but blocking out faces other than hers.

These warm (hot!) days make us all want to take to the porch, patio or deck to relax and catch some breezes! Our upcoming Mega Monthly Consignment Auction  is a great source for outdoor furnishings – or furnishings re purposed for summer living! Ask me how many vintage gliders, wicker furnishings and patio sets I’ve purchased for pennies on the original dollar? No, don’t, my husband actually does not know. No need to look in the back of the barn dear. Yes we have always had three complete patio sets, why do you ask?

Check out this inspiring article about some “past prime” 1970’s furniture (the kind that shows up at auctions OFTEN) and see how it was reworked into charming outdoor furniture that won’t blow away in the breeze!

Click Here for Inspiration!


Selling today in the Second Tuesday Monthly Consignment Auction.

It’s massive. Easily over 6′ tall. Squirrels perch on top like gargoyles and the drawer pulls are bears.

Pretty sure it leads to Narnia. Take a sword.